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Ode to the Puppeteer: Review of the movie "Power"

Gathering controversial, but vivid reviews, the film “Vice” with famous actors was released in the United States at the end of 2018, and the release date in Russia is set for February 21, 2019. The film will introduce you to the nimble American politician Dick Cheney, who has resurrected many times after " political death "(he left the top leadership posts in the state and conquered them again), and once managed to deceive physical death.

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(NOT) The Perfect Man - a new film with Yegor Creed

The release date for the film "(NOT) An Ideal Man" in Russia with the famous rapper Yegor Creed is set for 2019, the list of actors and the plot is already known, the audience is waiting for the trailer. The first photos from the set appeared on the Web, in which the former Black Star member appears before the fans in a completely unusual way for them.

Review of "100 things and nothing more"

The director, scriptwriter and lead actor of the new comedy “100 Things and Nothing Extra” is Florian Fitz (on March 28, 2019 the film will be released in Russia, and the trailer can be seen below), critics’s comments about the actors' play and the creators’s idea will make you think how much we depend on material things ... This is more than just a comedy.

Golden Globe Nominees 2018

The list of TV shows nominated for the Golden Globe 2018 was compiled by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Winners will be announced on January 7, 2018. The Best Drama Series The Crown Game of Thrones The Handmaid's Tale Very Strange Things This Is Us The Best Comedy Series Blackish Amazing Mrs. Maisel Jack of all Trades SMILF Will and Grace Best Actor in the Drama Series Sterling K.

How Alita helps Weta Digital with Avatar 2

For several years, the legendary director James Cameron had a difficult choice: either to create the film “Alita: Battle Angel” or the original “AVATAR”, and this decision also depended on the technologies necessary for the implementation of each of the films. Of course, the choice was made in favor of Avatar, the creators of which spent many years on development and innovation, paving the way for the finally created Alita.

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Kendimen (Candyman)

The release date for the movie Candyman is set for 2020, the actors are unknown, and the trailer is only expected by viewers. The film will be a remake of the original 1992 movie of the same name and tell about the sinister ghost killer. Its world premiere is scheduled for June 12, 2020. The expectation rating (KinoPoisk) is 94%.

The funniest memes about the final "Game of Thrones"

“Game of Thrones” has long ended, and talk of the final season has not subsided so far. Social networks are literally teeming with jokes, memes and spoilers. Bran Broken with his throne, laughing Daenerys against an old memorial about a burned-out house, regicide bricks ... We chose the funniest memes about the eighth season of Game of Thrones.

Captain Marvel - first success at the box office

Despite the fact that the film "Captain Marvel" is associated with a huge scandal, its first results at the box office are very impressive. It seems that the film seeks to become higher, stronger and further in all senses, including in all cinemas around the world. After all, the film about superheroes with Bree Larson in the title role for the first week raised around 500 million dollars in world box office for the first week!

23 films about psychos and schizophrenics

The human psyche is a mysterious thing, and it is not known which skeletons in the closet are stored in the brain of the person next to us. We have put together the best films about psychos and schizophrenics, some of which are based on real events. Split 2017 Genre: thriller, horror Rating: KinoPoisk - 6.9, IMDb - 7.3 Disease: multiple personality disorder According to the director of the picture M.

Jumanji: The Next Level

Back in 2018, April 23-26, in Las Vegas, a presentation of the Sony Pictures film company was held, at which it became known that the studio had planned the release date of the movie Jumanji 2: A New Level for December 2019 (the trailer is presented below), and the actors in it will be the same as in the last film of 2017. The expectation rating is 96% (KinoPoisk), which is not surprising - the previous part was very popular with the audience and brought considerable income to the studio itself.

Reserved special forces - a new series on NTV

In early June, the filming of the series “Reserved Special Forces” (2019) started in Moscow, the actors are named, and the release date and trailer are worth the wait, since it is not known how many days the production of 20 episodes will last. The project will tell about the struggle of a special team with poachers that harm the ecological environment of Lake Baikal.

Monster Time (The Head Hunter)

How many projects have been created about such a mysterious time as the Middle Ages. A picture on similar topics was presented to viewers by Jordan Downey, the trailer for the film “Monster Time” is presented below, the world release date is 2018 (in Russia - 2019), some reviews about it are already on the network, you can find them below.

10 cult films that failed at the box office

There is an amazing category of wonderful films that have become iconic and constantly revised - films that have failed at the box office. We have collected ten of the most impressive paintings that have not earned a lot of money, but have received worldwide fame. Which is also good. Knocking on Heaven Less than six thousand dollars was collected in the American box office by one of the most beloved films of all today.

Silent Hill 3 - wait for continuation

At one time, the action-packed thriller "Silent Hill", created on the basis of the games of the same name, caused great excitement and attention of fans. In the wake of such popularity, 2 television projects were released that managed to collect a large box office, and now fans are expecting the release date of the film "Silent Hill 3", the actors and the plot of which have not yet been named.

Box office "Once Upon a Time ... Hollywood" - Latest News

The latest news about the movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: box office box office tape in Russia has taken a leading position. At a loud pre-premiere screening in Moscow on August 7 at the Oktyabr cinema center, Russian stars such as Nadezhda Mikhalkova, Alexander Petrov, Natalya Rudova, Regina Todorenko, Ksenia Sobchak and others visited.

Color from other worlds (Color Out of Space)

The SpectreVision film company will release the horror "Color from Other Worlds", the release date of the film is set for 2020, the actors are ready for the shoot, and the trailer is expected soon. The fantastic thriller will be a movie adaptation of Lovecraft's book about a meteorite and an alien life form. The film will appeal to lovers of surrealism and modern fantasy.