Quentin Tarantino - Top 10 Top Rated Films

The director’s handwriting is unique; fans always wait for the release of new films for the premieres of his films for years, and his name has become a landmark for several generations of moviegoers. That is why we decided to make TOP of the best films of Quentin Tarantino by rating. All the films on the list became cult for cinema immediately after its release.

Pulp Fiction 1994

Genre: thriller, crime, comedy

Rating: KinoPoisk - 8.6, IMDb - 8.9

The film “Pulp Fiction” has long been scrutinized for quotes and takes an honorable fourteenth place in the TOP-250 of the best films on the KinoPoisk website. From the eight millionth budget of the picture, five million made royalties to the actors.

The lives of Vincent Vega and Jules Winfield consist of criminal showdowns and solutions to problems associated with the debtors of Marcellus Wallace, their boss. Between busy weekdays and bloodshed, the bandits do not forget to talk on philosophical topics and get into various troubles. The first story tells about the unforgettable evening spent by Vincent with the wife of his boss, the second - about the boxer bought by Marsellas named Butch Coolidge, and the third will talk about how a ridiculous accident made Jules and Vincent get into a very unpleasant story.

Django Unchained 2012

Genre: western, drama, comedy, action

Rating: KinoPoisk - 8.2, IMDb - 8.4

The film brought Oscar to Christoph Waltz for Best Supporting Actor. The shooting took place on the California ranch "Melody" in Santa Clarita, in places where classic American westerns and TV shows have been shot for many years.

A fascinating story about a very eccentric bounty hunter, nicknamed the Dentist. The hero is engaged in the search and murder of the worst criminals. In such a difficult business, a reliable and responsible assistant is simply necessary. The dentist finds an ideal candidate in the Django freed from slavery. But the newly minted headhunter has his own reasons and motives.

Reservoir Dogs 1991

Genre: thriller, crime, drama

Rating: KinoPoisk - 8.1, IMDb - 8.3

The budget for Mad Dogs was very limited, and viewers were not in a hurry to attend the American premiere of an unknown director in the early 1990s. By the time the film was released at the British box office, they really started talking about Quentin Tarantino, and the tape became an absolute bestseller. Now it’s hard to imagine that the director did not have enough money even for the costumes of the actors and the necessary scenery.

The famous criminal authority Joe Cabot planned the perfect crime. In a robbery of a jewelry store, completely unfamiliar people were to take part. However, what was conceived as a robbery ended in a real bloody massacre.

Inglourious Basterds 2009

Genre: thriller, crime, drama, detective, action, fantasy

Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.9, IMDb - 8.3

The film was the result of a ten-year work of Quentin Tarantino on the script - the director conceived it even before the project “Kill Bill”, but put it off in a long box until he came up with a decent ending. Adam Sandler could star in Inglourious Basterds, but the actor was unable to take part due to his busy schedule.

The action takes place during World War II in the French territories captured by fascist troops. A group of Jewish fighters of American descent terrifies German soldiers. They do not spare the Nazis, committing brutal reprisals.

The Hateful Eight 2015

Genre: thriller, crime, drama, detective, western

Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.9, IMDb - 7.8

The central position in the list of Quentin Tarantino's films by rating is occupied by the “Disgusting Eight”. The temperature on the set should not exceed zero. Such conditions were created in order to convey the atmosphere of time as realistically as possible - the action takes place during the Great Blizzard, which cost many Americans life in 1888.

Events occur after the end of the American Civil War. The legendary bounty hunter John Routh has been instructed to escort the prisoner. On a long journey, they meet several more travelers. Due to a blizzard, an unexpectedly assembled company is forced to take refuge in a remote shop. It soon becomes clear that in a motley society consisting of a Confederate general, a Mexican, a cowboy and other heroes, one person is not at all the one who pretends to be.

Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood 2019

Genre: drama comedy

Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.7, IMDb - 8.4

All Tarantino's projects are famous for their stellar cast. The film about the sunset of the "golden age" of Hollywood was no exception - among the actors who took part in it were Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt and Margot Roby.

Details about the movie:Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood 2019

In the late 60s of the 20th century, the rules are rapidly changing in Hollywood open spaces. Classical westerns fade into the background, and the actors who starred in them, from popular favorites turn into ordinary extras. Actor Rick Dalton and his friend, and part-time understudy, Cliff Booth, need to adapt to new realities.

Kill Bill (Vol. 1) 2003

Genre: thriller, crime, action

Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.6, IMDb - 8.1

A landmark film in the master’s work could have been released a year earlier, but Quentin postponed the shooting because the main character Uma Thurman was expecting a baby.

The wedding ceremony of Black Mamba, a hit man expecting a baby, ends with bloodshed. A man named Bill destroys the possible happiness of the main character. A blood-soaked wedding dress, a bullet that hit her in the head, and then blackness comes. But the Black Mamba is stronger than her failed killer thought, and after four years in a coma, she opens her eyes. Now her goal is revenge. She will stop at nothing and kill everyone who betrayed her, one after another, and finally she will reach Bill.

Kill Bill 2 (Kill Bill: Vol. 2) 2004

Genre: thriller, crime, action

Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.5, IMDb - 8.0

The picture contains a powerful and memorable soundtrack in which you can even hear an excerpt from "Petit and the Wolf" written by the Soviet composer and pianist Sergey Sergeyevich Prokofiev.

The second part of the story of Black Mamba, a cold-blooded and ruthless killer, whose goal is to kill Bill, will tell how the heroine step by step approaches her plan. Before meeting with Bill, the Bride must get rid of Ellie and Bad Driver, after which she will face the last fight.

Death Proof 2007

Genre: thriller, crime, action

Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.1, IMDb - 7.0

One of the roles is played by Zoe Bell, an actress and stunt performer who performed all the difficult stunts instead of Uma Thurman in the movie “Kill Bill”.

The three cheerleaders lack entertainment and adventure. Girls decide to visit a local bar to get a portion of male attention and relax. They are of particular interest to Stunt Mike, who secretly watched them from his car. Mike is a big fan of pretty women and a fast ride, and he believes that he can go unpunished, whatever happens to him.

Jackie Brown 1997

Genre: thriller, crime, drama

Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.1, IMDb - 7.5

Attentive fans of the director will find in the film many references to the master’s movie “Pulp Fiction”, as well as hear Quentin's voice - it was his voice recorded on the answering machine of the main character. The plot is based on a novel written by Elmore Leonard.

Jackie Brown, at first glance, is an ordinary stewardess, but in fact, she trades in smuggling and delivers cash to a dangerous arms dealer. For a long time she works according to an established scheme, but once the feds come to her. The only chance for her to escape the prison is to surrender her boss. But Jackie decides on a risky adventure that could cost her her life.

The top of the best films of Quentin Tarantino will help you pass through more than one evening watching a truly high-quality and spectacular movie, because its name in the credits is always a sign of quality.

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