Robots captured the movie

Robots are a symbol of high technology and progress. At first they were taught to move, then to pronounce individual words, and then, since the evolution of robots is gradually moving towards humanization, robots with a human appearance also appeared. Modern robots can easily imitate human speech and even know how to express emotions in response to the environment. Let's look at several modern films of 2019 about robots, cyborgs and androids, allies and antagonists.

Robots among us - movie trends

And why be surprised, because a person has always subconsciously tried to invent a robot similar to himself. At first it was humanoids - anthropomorphic robotic cars. But now robots at first glance are indistinguishable from humans. Special thanks to the technology of emulating emotions and facial expressions, which led to the emergence of androids. Originally artificial, today androids often consist of various organic elements, such as skin or hair, to look more realistic.

Such people-machines began to appear in the movies. True, while they are played by very real and lively actors. But what will happen next?

Robot child

“I Am Mother” or “Child of the Robot” is the story of a teenage girl who has been raised by a good robot named “Mother” since childhood. The girl was raised from one of the embryos in the laboratory in large quantities. Daughter and mother live underground in a bunker designed to populate the Earth after humanity has completely disappeared from the planet. And as soon as the Daughter reaches a certain level, Mother’s plan is to choose the second embryo and double the human race. But the family idyll collapses when a wounded stranger comes from the surface and casts doubt on the whole story of the mother robot, which she inspired from her childhood human daughter, preparing her for an important mission. It turns out that people remained on the surface, because the stranger somehow managed to survive. And most importantly, the question remains open - who is to blame for the disaster on a planetary scale, after which the Earth became unsuitable for life?

The sci-fi thriller made its debut at the Sundance Film Festival in 2019; Netflix, an American movie and television show supplier, acquired the rights to screen it. Can a robot be a good mother to a human child? The mechanical mother from Robot Child managed to establish the same connection with the girl, having generated attachment and trust in the child. However, the motives of the mother are not so clean, and then the real action begins.

The space of the bunker is ideally thought out: and this applies not only to sterile corridors, technically perfectly built rooms and automated electronics, but also to a claustrophobic atmosphere, which the viewer first does not notice at all and does not catch disturbing notes until he learns a frightening truth.

Important: Child of the Robot (I Am Mother) 2019.

Better than people

Arisa is a special superbot - the only one capable of empathy, on the one hand, and murder, on the other - a real super creature. Arisa is closer to human characteristics than any other robot, and even almost knows how to feel. She considers her users to be a real family, takes care of the child and protects loved ones by all means.

According to the plot, the Kronos Corporation is engaged in the sale of android robots that completely imitate the image of a person. Once a unique model of an anthropomorphic robot Aris is illegally delivered to the company, a feature of which is built-in intelligence and a tendency to empathy. With the help of the new android, the owners want to win the tender and make good money. But soon the viewer realizes that the pretty Arisa is not as harmless as it seems - she does not offend not only her users, but herself as well, therefore she kills her first offender and escapes from the Kronos building. In the "big world" Arisa finds not only a family, but also enemies, which became members of the youth gang of "liquidators". It is they who intend to destroy all the robots by cutting out the microcircuit in order to stop such a rapid and frightening implementation of Artificial Intelligence in everyday human life.

Paulina Andreeva, who played the main role, notes that playing Arisa was not easy. She tried to delve into the script, like a real robot, using maximum concentration: “The bot is not inclined to think ahead, it has neither past nor future. He also lacks breathing and blinking, so I learned not to blink for a long time and not even breathe. I walked around the house, imagining myself as a real robot. The voice also had to be changed, as well as the timbre of intonation. ”

“Better than people” is really something new for Russian cinema: a beautiful picture, a fantastic plot and a theme for the future.

Important: The rights to display the series Better Than People were purchased by Netflix.


James Cameron is a brilliant director when it comes to using robots in movies. It seems that he has no problems with the image of cute and self-confident androids that positively affect people. Despite the fact that the T-800 was a brutal killer in the first film "Terminator", Cameron announced his readiness to show the positive side of androids in the second part. Here he is exactly the same cyborg, but reprogrammed to be John Connor's quarterback. He does not completely abandon the evil archetype of the robot, since there is a new villain in the form of the T-1000, but the new improved terminator is a step in the right direction for science fiction cinema.

Unforgettable creations of Artificial Intelligence - from the classic T-800 model to the terrifying Skynet AI software, which marked the beginning of Doomsday, will remain forever in the memory of the Terminator fans, because this is the embodiment of terrifying and unstoppable mechanical force.

Restarting the cult picture: Terminator: Dark Fate (Terminator: Dark Fate) - a new film in 2019 about one of the legendary robots.


This multi-part project is not entirely about robots, here the main character is still a living person, albeit without arms and legs, but with a real heart. However, without new technologies, “our man” will be deprived of the ability to move around.

This is a story about a young guy, Tol, from the Moscow Region, who, despite being disabled, finds the strength to change not only his own, but also the life of those around him. Thanks to the state quota, Tolya receives bionic prostheses at the European-level prosthetics center, after which he has a chance to learn how to re-use his hands and, most importantly, to walk. Tolya is somewhat selfish, he exploits his own, as society believes, flaw, but at the same time requires that people treat him as an equal.

"Hands" Toli played Konstantin Deblikov, who lost his limbs at 22 years old during a fire show, because he violated the safety rules for working with pyrotechnics. Konstantin said that prostheses have to be built into his life anew, learning to cook and even go to the store. And each new motor situation requires tension that never passes.

Alexey Nuzhny, director of the film project, spoke about the idea of ​​the series. According to him, for people with disabilities, in particular, having bionic prosthetics, more opportunities should appear in the future than for an ordinary person. In other words, they will use these bionic prostheses with imitation of human limbs on a "non-human" scale. In the meantime, ordinary people relate to them either with distrust and neglect, progress is imperceptibly moving forward for everyone.

The main message of the comic series drama is to show society that people with disabilities have the right to live in such a way that they do not cause any surprise or shock.

TV Robots

The first robot TV presenter appeared in 2018 in China, this is an announcer with artificial intelligence on the news channel, he works at the Xinhua News Agency. While he has no competitors in the form of virtual employees, and the robot exists in a single copy. The prototype for creating the image was public figures: for the English version - actor Zhang Zhao, for the Chinese version - TV presenter Qiu Hao. The robot is a hologram that mimics human speech, facial expressions and gestures. The advantage of such a digital copy of the announcer is that he does not require a vacation or lunch break, he does not need to train his speech before going on the air or wear lenses for his vision to view the text. The perfect employee, and it scares.

And in 2019, the robot announcer appeared on Russian screens. The news on the federal television channel Russia-24 on April 16 was read by android Alex. Viewers noted a monotonous voice and accent errors, so Russian developers still have something to improve. The prototype of the robot was Alexei Yuzhakov, the founder of Promobot, which released Alex.

There are many ways to represent robots on the screen, and if earlier it was mostly about fantasy films, today a robotic character can be seen in the usual series about everyday everyday life of urban residents. Among the new films of 2019 about robots, cyborgs and androids are not only action thrillers, but also melodramas with comedies. In addition, it can be both villains in the form of Artificial Intelligence with digital machines, and companion robots in the form of androids with cyborgs.

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