Everyone should watch these films at least once.

The list of paintings presents amazing films that everyone should watch in their lifetime. Many films have a hidden meaning and inspire exploits.

Mr. Nobody 2009

Why you need to look: The picture is filled with quotes and references to the works of scientists and great artists. Camera work at its best - even everyday life looks delightful. A pleasant voice-over tries to explain in detail the philosophical concept to the smallest detail.

USA, Belgium, Germany, Canada

Genre: Fiction, fantasy, drama

Rating: 7.9

The directorial version of the picture lasts 155 minutes.

Mr. Nemo Nobody is miraculously transferred to the grotesque future and appears in 2092. Now the hero is a decrepit old man who is informed that he remains the last mortal man on the planet. Thanks to the achievements of science, everyone else has gained immortality. But Mr. Nobody is afraid of death. He is tormented by another question - did he live his life correctly? Once a journalist comes to him, to whom the hero tells his story, jumping from one life to another. Nemo assures his counterpart that everything is possible in this world until a choice is made.

Café de Flore 2011

Required to view: The film raises philosophical questions such as reincarnation, character and human behavior. The actors play so convincingly that sometimes you even forget that the movie is in front of you.

Canada, France

Genre: Drama, melodrama

Rating: 7.6

The budget of the film was about 10 million dollars.

The picture tells about two love stories, which, at first glance, are nothing like each other. The first is a story about Jacqueline and her son Laurent, who suffers from Down syndrome. The boy does not cherish the soul of the charming girl Vero, but the excessive custody of his mother greatly interferes with him. The second story tells about the talented and promising DJ Antoine. The young man cares for the charming Rose, thereby hurting his former soulmate - Karol.

Silence (2016)

Why you need to watch: Silence is a religious and philosophical treatise with vivid illustrations of the human faith and justice. The film was directed by the honored master of cinematography, Martin Scorsese.

USA, Japan, UK, Mexico, Italy

Genre: Drama, adventure

Rating: 7.0

In 1986, actor Liam Neeson played another priest in the movie Mission (1986).

The events of the picture unfold in the XVII century. Jesuit priests Sebastian and Frances go to the Land of the Rising Sun to find the mentor Padre Cristovan Ferreira, who has renounced the faith. Arriving in Japan, the heroes face a real nightmare - samurai brutally kill all Christians. They want to cleanse their land of Western influence and torture those who profess a different religion.

Scarecrow (1983)

Why is it necessary to view: The picture makes you think about friendship, honor and justice. She is realistic and cruel at the same time.

the USSR

Genre: Drama

Rating: 7.9

The painting is based on the novel by writer Vladimir Zheleznikov of the same name.

Scarecrow is a heartbreaking movie that everyone should watch. The brave sixth grader Lena Bessoltseva takes the blame on the boy, who cowardly failed his friends. Instead of support and words of gratitude, he joins classmates and arranges brutal persecution of fragile and dreamy Lena. The innocent and weak girl suffered a boycott, bullying and humiliation. Behind her guys call her "Scarecrow." Only Lena's grandfather acts as support, support and protection. What actions will the embittered class still decide to take?

Too free person (2016)

Why you need to look: A serious documentary film showing cruel politics and harsh reality. The film does not call to take someone else's position, but offers to reflect on the fate of a man who was one of the most powerful oppositionists.


Genre: Documentary

Rating: 7.9

The slogan of the film is "Two Russia. Two lives. One fate."

The documentary tells about the political life of Boris Nemtsov. The story begins in the 1990s, when Nemtsov from the governor of the Nizhny Novgorod region turned into the main contender for the post of president of the country. Time passes. In 2015, the life of a politician abruptly ends. Unknown people killed Nemtsov, as a representative of the street opposition, directly opposite the walls of the Kremlin.

Forrest Gump 1994

Why watch: A fascinating, dramatic film that makes you think about a lot in this world.


Genre: Drama, melodrama

Rating: 8.9

The box office was $ 677,300,300!

"Forrest Gump" is one of the best philosophical films with a meaning on the list. The picture tells about the amazing story of Forrest Gump - a moron who is always bullied at school. He has no real friends, and he can only talk with his mother. Once the hero meets a charming girl Jenny, who becomes a faithful girlfriend for him. Together they go through life's difficulties and maintain a strong bond in adulthood. Forrest proves to the whole world that without a mind, you can have a faithful, kind heart, live and love honestly.

Little Buddha 1993

To view: The film will introduce one of the leading world religions and immerse the viewer in the world of the Far East, in its history.

Italy, France, Great Britain, Liechtenstein

Genre: Drama

Rating: 7.2

Some scenes of the picture were shot in the Rinpung-dzong monastery.

In Tibet, Lama Dorje dies, and his followers set off in search of the incarnation of his sensei. One day, Buddhist monks find three children - an American boy Jesse, a ragged Raju and a girl from a wealthy Gita family. They bring them to Bhutan in order to put them to the test and to understand which of them the soul of the great teacher has moved to. The second storyline tells about Prince Siddhartha, who daily observes the misfortunes and tragedies of people. Seeing all the glaring horror, he begins his spiritual path of knowledge of the world.

The Fountain 2006

Why see: High-quality shooting, wonderful dubbing, atmosphere. This film amazingly shows love, mystery and magic beyond the bounds of the universe.

USA, Canada

Genre: Fiction, drama

Rating: 7.4

For the sake of filming, actor Hugh Jackman had to shave all the hair on his head and chest.

Oncologist researcher Tom Creo discovers a brain tumor in his wife Izzy. The hero, in desperation, rushes in search of a medicine, but can at least something help his dying wife? At this time, Izzy writes a book in which her fate is reflected. She presents her illness in the image of a cruel and merciless inquisitor, and describes herself as the Queen of Spain. Her husband is a noble and valiant knight who must save her. Somewhere in the deep forest of Guatemala, an amazing Tree of Life is growing that can give hope for salvation.

Awakenings 1990

Why is it important to get acquainted with the film: The film was shot not only to shake the emotions of the viewer and shed tears. It is based on a true story that can happen to each of us. After watching, you begin to value life more.


Genre: Drama, biography

Rating: 8.4

The picture is based on the memoirs of the neurologist Oliver Sachs, who acted as a consultant in the creation of the film.

Awakening is an amazing film that everyone should watch. The main roles were played by Robert De Niro and Robin Williams. Malcolm Sayer is a talented doctor and scientist who is not afraid to use non-standard methods of treatment in medical practice. Leonard was the first patient on whom a neuropsychologist conducted his experiment. He comes to indescribable delight when he achieves incredible results in the treatment of a disease called lethargic encephalitis. Leonard begins to absorb the joys of life that were previously closed to him. Encouraged by success, Sayer begins mass treatment, but overlooks the fact that his drug is experimental.

Another Earth 2011

To view: Great camera work! The film is pictured in every detail. All elements of the film are ideally complementary: plot, actors, music, philosophy.


Genre: Science Fiction, Drama, Romance

Rating: 7.0

The film reports that the first space flight lasted several days. This is a mistake, in fact, it took 1 hour 48 minutes in duration.

An ordinary student rushes along the highway and gets into a terrible car accident in which the family of the famous composer dies. At this time, scientists discover a new astronomical object - Earth-2. This planet is fully consistent with the Earth. Here, not only the same continents, oceans, rivers, forests, animals, plants, but also people! A girl with trepidation in her heart believes that on another planet you can find copies of dead people. She wants to go there to atone for her. But what really awaits her upon arrival?

Bitch Love (Amores perros) 2000

Why you need to look: The film raises important philosophical questions. The main idea of ​​the authors of the picture - love takes revenge on those who do not comply with its rules.


Genre: Thriller drama

Rating: 7.9

Director Alejandro González Iñárritu starred in a cameo. They played the role of one of the journalists.

In Mexico City, a terrible car accident involving three cars. Nobody dies, but inexplicable mechanisms are launched in the world that destroy the lives of everything around. The lives of people and animals are intertwined at some point. The essence of human nature is exposed. The picture tells about the atonement and the complexity of human life.

Van Gogh: On the threshold of eternity (At Eternity's Gate) 2018

Why you need to get acquainted with the picture: A film full of riotous colors and stunning aesthetics. The painting was made with love for the great painter and will affect the important philosophical aspects of life.

USA, Ireland, Switzerland, UK, France

Genre: Drama, biography

Rating: 7.0

Willem Dafoe, who performed the role of Van Gogh, received the Volpi Cup for this film.

Review: Van Gogh. On the threshold of eternity - madness and beauty.

"Advise what movie you can watch in one breath?" - interested in a movie buff with meaning. "Van Gogh: On the verge of eternity" - one of the most memorable paintings based on real events. The film tells about the last years of the life of the great artist Vincent Van Gogh. During his lifetime, his work was not in demand and success. Desperate, the creator moves to the south of France, where he plans to open his own workshop. The creator finds inspiration, it is in this picturesque place that his author's style begins to develop. In his free time, the artist finds happiness in absinthe. In the last few days of his life, Van Gogh tries to kill his best friend and decides to commit suicide.

The Master and Margarita (2005)

Why it is recommended to look: The series carries satire, philosophy, mysticism and a love story. Special attention deserves the work of composer Igor Kornelyuk.


Genre: Thriller, Drama, Romance

Rating: 7.8

The picture is based on the work of Mikhail Bulgakov "The Master and Margarita."

Satan Woland with his retinue appears in Moscow in 1934. He is interested in people without religious consciousness. One of them is the Master and his beautiful Margarita. The master knows five languages ​​and wrote a work about Pontius Pilate - the very one that sent Yeshua to certain death ...

In the list of films that everyone should watch in his life, the film fan will certainly find a picture that motivates and will serve as a powerful impetus to overcoming obstacles and any life difficulties.

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