Inside season 5 episode 8 - the coin fell on the wrong side

For many, the content of Series 5 of Season 8 of the Game of Thrones was not a surprise; most of the spoilers with a description of the plot were confirmed (Easter eggs and frame-by-frame analysis below). Daenerys chose fear instead of respect and love ... The desire for revenge and power prevailed. Neither the dragon armor, which many fans prophesied, nor the new dragons, the children of Drogon, were required. Obtaining the Crown in the Game of Thrones leads to madness ... And the sympathy for many heroes is destroyed.

“Every time a Targaryen is born, the Gods throw a coin, and the world holds its breath. I don’t know how Her coin landed ... ”- Varis

"Bells" - when the Targaryen choose cruelty, do not expect good

The series turned out to be strong, dynamic and emotional, with high-quality visual and sound components, with apocalyptic scenes and beautiful special effects, but too fast transformation of the characters. But first things first.

Producer - Miguel Sapochnik

What happened in series 5:

  • The episode begins when Snow arrives on the Dragon Stone, and Varis tries to persuade him to his side, opening his eyes to the true essence of Daenerys. But John is still holding steady, making the speech that Daenerys is his queen, and he will be faithful to his oath;
  • Varis appends letters to each of the lords of the Seven Kingdoms with a message about who really should rule. Ravens will bring this message to every lord in the family castles. This is the last, as a master over whispers can influence events, because he foresees his death;

Text of letters from Wars:


  • Varis planned to poison Daenerys, but nothing came of it, because she did not have a mouth, saddened by the death of Missandei. “-Try to repeat at dinner,” says Spider to a girl from the kitchen, who brings food to Daenerys's chambers;
  • John doesn’t reciprocate with Daneris trying to get closer, pulling away. At the same time, he loves her, but probably Snow is haunted by the thought of their relationship, so his love is not what he wants to receive in response to his feelings. John is always ready to serve Daenerys, but he cannot be with her. This scene in the romantic relations of the heroes was put to an end, which later became the reason for the madness of the dragon queen - “I have no love here, only fear. Well then, let there be fear. ”;
  • Tyrion surrendered Varis, after which Daenerys burned the Spider with the Drakaris only. The traitors have no place in the retinue. In this scene you can see John's tense gaze watching Daenerys' reaction to Varis's death, who gazed with delight at the fire;
  • All attempts to dissuade Daenerys from burning the city of Tyrion end in failure. What, as we see, is very pleased with the Gray Worm, eager for revenge for his beloved Missandeya. The demon tells her that the ringing of BELLS in the city will mean that the city is surrendering, which means that it is necessary to retreat. At the end of the scene, Daenerys informs him of Jaime’s capture and threatens with reprisal if Tyrion fails her again;
  • Jaime didn’t have time to get to the Royal Harbor and got caught by the sentinel Daenerys. But from the captivity of his brother Tyrion rescued, so that he tried to withdraw Cersei from the capital in order to save the child. “If not for you, I would have disappeared as a child. Only you alone did not treat me like a monster. You are all that I had ”says Bes. How did Jaime get to the harbor? Probably, Davos helped him at the request of Tyrion, hiding the boat in the appointed place;
  • This time, the Iron Fleet did not succeed in injuring the dragon, and it quickly crashed, burning almost to the ground. Neither the ballista nor the desire of Euron to destroy Daenerys helped;
  • Cersei’s troops and Daenerys’s forces, along with John’s northerners, stood waiting for the “c from above” sign to advance. And this sign came - a crumbling wall opened the way for the impeccable, Dothraki and Northerners inside the castle, burying half of the Golden Swords under their rubble. What could be worthless than Golden Swords? What was it - the next drain of characters or an indicative moment that Cersei underestimated Deiners and overestimated his strength? An explosion of the wall from the inside destroys the army of Golden Swords, and the Gray Worm kills the rescuing Harry Strickland;
  • The fight between Euron and Jaime, during which Jaime received mortal wounds, but still was able to find the strength to go to Cersei. And Euron was left to die on the rocks at the foot of the rocks;
  • The lanisters quickly realized that it was useless to fight further, and decided to give up, and even the BELL rang, and now it is a relief: now there is no need to kill anyone, everything was resolved by itself. However ... Daenerys takes off on Drogon towards the Red Castle, burning everything in its path, and the Gray Worm (Torgo Nudo) throws a spear at the lanister warrior, thereby freeing the rest of his hands;
  • John Snow is in shock, but there is nothing left to do but fight off the attackers. John began to open his eyes about Daenerys. It seems that he understood where he got and with whom he decided to contact. It is a pity that there is no turning back. Now breaking an oath will not only be easier, but it will just become a vital necessity;
  • Daenerys failed to control herself, she began to destroy everything and everyone in the dragon's field of vision, leaving behind only ash and pain. Spectators received the new Queen of ASH and the new Death from Heaven;
  • In the 5th series of the 8th season of Game of Thrones, Wild Fire appeared, spoilers describing the plot and content of episodes of the final season suggested this fact. Now Burning has completed the unfinished plans of her ancestor, the Mad King, by blowing up caches with wild fire;
  • Cersei lost her mind, believing that merciful Daenerys would not kill civilians. After all, they were the “living” shield for Cersei. She probably hoped to live in a siege, waiting for time and implementing new cunning plans. But it all collapsed DRACARIS;
  • Arya and Kligan arrived at the castle, but Dog decided to stop his stubborn companion, advising her to leave as soon as possible in order to save her life - "The road of revenge always leads to one path". After all, Cersei is already doomed to death. This scene was the final point in the history of Arya and Dog;
  • The stupid death of Quibern, who took many secrets with him to the grave - the Mountain in one motion knocks him out of the way, and the blow to the stones became fatal for him. But why then kept the intrigue for the audience that Quibern conducts experiments with the revitalization of soldiers and turning them into zombies? And why does such a previously submissive Mountain no longer listen to its queen, who, having lost control over him, quickly leaves? And also what exactly happened to the Mountain, why did he become an unkillable living dead?
  • The duel between Kligan and Mountain (an unkillable “something”) “Kligan Bowl” against a background of giant falling stones, a flying dragon and a burning city in which there is not a single winner - both brothers die, falling into the burning wreckage of the castle;
  • Arya’s story armor is striking in its durability: by killing the King of the Night, she managed not to die several times under the rubble of the burning buildings of the Royal Harbor. Arya finds herself in the midst of a fire, she runs, trying to escape. Arya gets out from under the rubble from time to time, making a difficult path beyond the walls of a burning castle;
  • After everything is burned to the ground, Arya sees in her hand the burnt girl she was trying to save, a toy horse, which is very symbolic. After all, later invincible Nobody will meet with a white horse. Read also: Mysterious White Horse in episode 5;
  • Cersei's death was predictable and understandable, and probably this is the only decent outcome for the character this season. Recent attempts to get out of a crumbling castle have been futile. Hopelessness, fear, unwillingness to die like this - “Not only now, just not like that” - regret that her child will no longer live. The epic was Cersei's reunion with his only loved one, Jaime, and death in each other's arms in a room under the Throne Hall, where Robert kept the skulls of dragons. The regicide still wanted to die in the arms of her beloved woman, as happened. "Nothing else matters, only us."

It is strange that many are surprised at this behavior of Daenerys Targaryen. Indeed, if you recall the moment when Drogo poured red-hot gold on her brother’s head, Daney calmly watched this action and the death of her “beloved brother”. Therefore, it is not surprising that the queen, striving to save all people in the world from the tyranny of rulers, herself turns into a cruel despot. In addition, Daenerys is ready to make sacrifices so that subsequent generations will live without tyranny, and the present people are indifferent to her.

And the scene of Daenerys' ashes left behind was already seen in a dream. But then I did not know that the reason for this would be herself.

The appearance of a white horse among the debris and ash and Arya, riding this horse (most likely belonging to Harry Strickland), galloping into the distance away from the burnt city. Probably, she will still play one of the key roles in the final, because the conb could become a symbol of her new goal - to rid the world of Daenerys.

The question remains open: Where and what will Daenerys rule now? After all, the Red Castle, a true masterpiece of architecture, was destroyed along with the capital, the largest city of the Seven Kingdoms. And civilians turned to ashes. Unfortunately, many of the worst assumptions about the plot and descriptions of spoilers containing 5 episodes of the 8th season of the Game of Thrones come true (leave comments and comments below). It is unlikely that Daenerys now has a chance to stay alive. What ending is waiting for us? And will the name of the dragon queen appear on Arya’s list, replacing the crossed out Cersei?

Interesting:Will there be an additional 7 episode 8 of the season - Last Hours.

In general, the series left the aftertaste of bitter loss and understatement. Let's see what will happen in the final series, and we hope that the screenwriters this time will not disappoint.

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