The important movie “Port” (release date - June 6, 2019) will tell you about the important stage in the transition from youth to adulthood, many actors are already known to the Russian audience, the trailer can be seen below. This is one of the worthy works of the female director Alexandra Strelyanoy, who participated in the program of the 5th International Film Festival "8 Women" (date: March 2-7, 2019). Will love help to overcome a difficult period in the life of two lovers, despite the obstacles and, at first glance, the hopelessness of the situation?

"Everything that surrounds us is so shaky ... As soon as you blow it, everything will disappear."



Genre: drama, fiction film

Producer: Alexandra Strelyanaya

Premiere in Russia: June 6, 2019

Actors:A. Guskov, M. Borichev, L. Semashkov, Yu. Borisov, I. Vilkova, V. Daraganov, R. Khairullina, T. Tribuntsev, M. Evlanov, K. Polukhin


Kira's girl is recovering from a serious car accident, and her father, a well-known boxing coach in the city, helps her in this. He created a simulator specifically for his daughter and does not lose hope that he will help Kira to avoid life imprisonment in a wheelchair. The girl met in the training room with the new Andrei - "the first guy in the area", which becomes her incentive to recover and return to her former life. The guy takes part in street battles and dreams of becoming famous, and the young girl stands on her feet. Will light feelings help Kira survive this difficult period, and what kind of main battle awaits each of the heroes?

The Port has its own cruel rules ...

Director and shooting

The director’s chair, as well as the position of the author of the drama script, was taken by Alexandra Strelyanaya, known for such films as “The Sea”, “Nedvod”, “Sarafan”.

Alexandra Strelyanaya

Among the producers it is worth noting Alexander Kotelevsky ("Steel Butterfly"), Andrey Novikov ("Mountain Lights"), Varvara Kotelevsky ("Mountain Lights"). Anna Mass (“Mayakovsky”, “Dislike”) was responsible for the editing, and Alexander Kulikov was responsible for the musical component.


Starred in the film:

  • Alexey Guskov (“Turkish Gambit”, “Salvation Union”);
  • Maria Borovicheva ("Nevode", "Survive to Love");
  • Leo Semashkov (Salsa, The Good Boy);
  • Yuri Borisov (“Crystal”, “T-34”, “Union of Salvation”, “Outpost”, “Seven pairs of unclean”);
  • Irina Vilkova (“Island”, “Angel of Revenge”);
  • Vladimir Daraganov ("The Miracle Worker", "Castle of the Elves");
  • Rosa Khairullina (Senafon, TV series Crimea, Acid, Creature);
  • Timofey Tribuntsev ("Method", "Monk and the Demon");
  • Mikhail Evlanov (“Quest”, “Live and Remember”);
  • Kirill Polukhin ("Ivan", "Dugout").

Interesting Facts

What is interesting to know about the film:

  • The picture was presented at the 5th International Film Festival "8 Women" in Moscow, the purpose of which is to draw public attention to the work of female stage directors. The program involves both famous and cinematographers-debutantes. The film is shown at the festival on March 5, 2019;
  • The film also participated in the competition of the Stalker festival on December 10, 2018;
  • The film premiered at the 26th Window to Europe Film Festival in Vyborg on August 15, 2018. The release was planned in the fall of 2018, but the date was postponed to 2019.

In the summer of 2019, the Russian audience will see the film "Port" (release date - June 6), the trailer is already available for viewing, the actors played well - here is love, friendship, betrayal, and life-threatening games.