Naples Teen Film Awarded Prize at Berlinale

The annual Berlin Film Festival was held from February 7 to 17, 2019, this year it is already the 69th in a row. The program of the festival was attended by the best progressive geopolitical films from around the world, including the drama Claudio Giovannesi “Piranhas of Naples” / “La paranza dei bambini”. The film was awarded the honorary prize "Silver Bear" (the main prize - "Golden Bear") for the best script for the film.

The honorary award in the form of a statuette was presented to the project scriptwriters: Claudio Giovannesi, Roberto Saviano and Maurizio Braucci.

The movie was released worldwide on February 12, 2019, and in Russia the premiere will take place on April 4. Distribution of the film in the Russian Federation is carried out by the Volga film company, which acquired the rights to display.

The script is based on the famous bestseller of the Italian writer and journalist Roberto Saviano, who is currently under the protection of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of his country, because the mafia still does not stop the hunt for the writer - her goal is to destroy the author because of his work "Gomorrah" translated into over 40 languages. Also, Roberto Savyano is known for such projects on which films and series were shot, such as: Tatanka (2011), the eponymous series Gomorrah (since 2014), ZeroZeroZero (since 2019).

The director and one of the scriptwriters of the drama Claudio Giovannesi is also known for the project "Gomorrah" (since 2014). Together with him, the author of the original book, Roberto Saviano, as well as Maurizio Braucci, worked on this project. The latter is known for writing a script for such films as: "Reality" (2012), "Pasolini" (2014).

The film starred: Francesco Di Napoli, Artem Tkachuk, Viviana Aprea, Pasquale Marotta and others. These young actors have not previously been involved in large cinema, but have already perfectly declared themselves on television - they managed to show how the Italian teenage gangsters are doing and for which they commit heinous crimes.

The plot of the film "Piranhas of Naples" / "La paranza dei bambini" tells the story of very young teenagers living in the outskirts of Naples. Their main dream is to earn as much money as possible in order to secure good and fashionable clothes, accessories and, in general, a free life. They live for a dream, get rifles, sell drugs, take part in skirmishes, thereby defying one of the bosses of the Italian mafia ... Do they know what their dangerous game will lead to? After all, each of them can say goodbye to life ...

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