Netflix Alexandria Okasio Cortes Documentary

The documentary film "Knock Down the House", directed by Rachel Rills, delighted everyone and became the favorite of the audience at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival, will now be shown on Netflix. At the festival, the film received an audience award.

The film tells about four progressive women candidates involved in various political campaigns during the midterm elections to the US Congress in 2018. One of the key roles was played by Alexandria Okasio-Cortes, playing herself.

On Thursday, February 7, 2019, the Netflix channel officially announced that it had officially obtained the rights to this project for showing around the world.

Recall that Alexandria Okasio-Cortes surprises Americans with his remarks and explodes Western politics. This 29-year-old girl is considered a politician of a new generation, because, being a New York congresswoman, she has already been elected to the US House of Representatives. Okasio Cortes has already managed to oppose global warming and is going to raise a tax for the rich.

According to Deadline, an American source, all major broadcasters, including Neon, Focus Features, Hulu and Amazon, were interested in the film "Knock Down the House" (US release date is January 27, 2019). But it was Netflix who won, who bought the rights to show for a record amount for a documentary - $ 10 million.

Interestingly, last year, Amazon and Netflix did not acquire a single project.

Along with Knock Down the House, Netflix acquired 3 more films, one of which was American Factory, bought for $ 3 million. He talks about what happens after the Chinese billionaire bought a new factory in Ohio, as well as the collision of high-tech China with working people in America.

Amazon has spent more than $ 46 million on five projects, including Mindy Keiling’s drama “Last Night” ($ 13 million) and “The Report” ($ 14 million) starring Adam Driver, the 2019 Oscar nominee.

Watch the video: Knock Down The House. Official Trailer. Netflix (April 2020).