6 films and TV shows where the main characters remain completely alone on Earth

Imagine that one morning you wake up, drink coffee, brush your teeth, pull on your favorite shabby jeans and a warm sweater, go outside, and then ... nobody. Not a single living soul. The streets are empty. They have no cars. The sidewalks are also deserted, no one pushes you with their elbows, rushing about their business. Say that such a development is unrealistic? Heroes of films and series from our selection prove that everything is possible. They were left completely alone on Earth. Why? What happened? And how will it end? To find out the answers to these questions, you need to watch these films / TV shows to the end.

Quiet land

The Quiet Earth | 1985 year

A low-budget film without special dynamics and with a minimum number of characters looks decent against the backdrop of other fantastic apocalyptic films.

One ordinary day, Zach Hobson woke up in his bed. Suspecting nothing, he had breakfast, got dressed, got into the car and drove to work.

The city met Zach with a strange emptiness. For the whole morning, the man did not see people either on the road, or in shops, or even at work in a research center. Soon, the hero realized that he was the only person on Earth. He begins to build a new life in his own way - he moves to another house, rides any car, takes everything he wants in the store for free. But gradually loneliness becomes completely unbearable ...

28 days later

28 Days Later | 2002 year

One of the best and truly scary movies about zombies with an ominous atmosphere.

It was in London, a group of Greenpeace extremists invaded the laboratory to free the unfortunate monkeys they were experimenting with. As a result, it’s not a monkey who is free, but a real monster, transmitting a dangerous virus to everyone, turning everyone into a deadly creature. As a result, the whole country is plunged into chaos.

28 days pass and the courier Jim wakes up in the hospital, lying in a coma after the accident. Without understanding anything, he leaves the abandoned building and sees deserted streets on which there is not a single person. Soon he realizes what’s the matter ...

I'm a legend

I Am Legend | 2007 year

A cult film based on the equally famous novel by Richard Matheson. New York was empty and overgrown with greenery - a deadly virus killed almost the entire population of the planet. Those who did not die turned into ugly and bloodthirsty creatures, afraid of sunlight.

The main character, whose role was brilliantly played by Will Smith, was lucky - thanks to his unique immunity, he retained his human appearance, but was left completely alone. At night, he fights off the monsters besieging his house, and during the day he tries to invent a vaccine and find other survivors, gradually losing his mind from despair.


WALL-E | 2008 year

This cartoon and its main character are able to melt the heart of even one who is indifferent to cartoons and does not like robots. This is a charming, kind, touching and slightly dramatic picture with a powerful message.

The nature of the Earth is so ruined that it has become impossible to live on it. People left the planet, leaving mountains of garbage on it. Little Wall-I, a robot scavenger, out of habit continues to cleanse the space of junk daily. In moments of relaxation, he watches a movie, plays ping pong, makes friends with a cockroach in the trash, and dreams of the stars. The usual course of life is broken when Eve flies to Earth ....


The Langoliers | 1995 year

One of the most successful adaptations of the works of Stephen King, despite the three-hour duration, does not allow you to tear yourself from the screen to the very end. Pilot

Brian Angle gets on a plane as a passenger and flies to Boston. During the flight, he falls asleep, and his little girl cries awakens. He discovers that almost all of the passengers and crew of the plane disappeared, and only ten people remained on board.

Brian independently takes control of the aircraft and lands him at the airport. People are relieved to leave the cabin, but find that the airport is strangely empty. All equipment stands without movement, and there is not a single person around ...

The last man on earth

The Last Man on Earth | 2015-2018 year

A comedy series with a post-apocalyptic idea, in which all people also disappeared from the planet after an unknown virus. There was only Phil left - a misanthrope hero who hated his work and didn’t really like people.

Having made a short trip across America, the hero was convinced that there was nobody around, and he was left alone with himself. Finding himself a comfortable home, he began to wait for the appearance of other living. It took a long time to wait, so Phil began to think up the craziest ways to have fun and began to freak out in full.

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